Top 10 Internal Family

Systems (IFS) Points

Here’s my top 10 points explaining why IFS is such a powerful therapy intervention;

  1. IFS It is highly effective as it is client centered and driven. It provides a connection from problems to places where healing is needed and to our core positive self. IFS helps clients deal with trauma, depression and anxiety that often have historical roots.
  2. IFS helps us connect to our core positive self. What many of us consider being in the zone, IFS refers to as coming from self. “In IFS, when we speak of Self, we are referring to a centered state of embodied self- awareness and self-acceptance, combined with a deep sense of how we connect to others.”
  3. IFS connects presenting problems with the positive attributes of self and brings underlying motivators to consciousness. It combines logical and cognitive experiences with deep emotional healing experiences.
  4. IFS builds emotional intelligence and insight. When we are hurt we sometimes build defences around that psychological injury. It acts like an anti-virus for emotions and the human emotive system.
  5. IFS recognizes that there is a positive intent in every action. A person may find themselves drinking too much, gambling, eating or pursuing other addictive behaviours to extremes. These patterns are often reflective of our protector parts and get in our way.
  6. IFS understands that we all build coping strategies, protectors, from our unique experiences. Some of those coping strategies may not serve us well and need to be updated or changed. Often the internal system doesn’t know any better way to act until psychotherapy facilitates a different action.
  7. IFS recognizes that our negative experiences create distress and that we sometimes have parts take on roles to keep us from experiencing or reexperiencing psychological hurts.
  8. IFS helps us deal with emotional injuries and resolve them. In doing so we create a new balance that is healthier for the individual and often for those around them as well.
  9. IFS is client focused and self-directed and as open or private as the client wants. It provides clients opportunities a manner that protects their privacy. The therapist can work with an issue without ever knowing details.
  10. IFS allows us to clear emotional burdens and patterns that are no longer our best choice. It helps us get unstuck.

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